Letter from the Founder - I'm Callahan Hinckley, an 18-year-old high school senior, and this is the story of how I founded ToRemainAnon to create an equal playing field for all clothing brands. I have excelled in the classroom all my life, and am currently ranked #8 in my class of over 500 students with a 4.707 GPA (the additional .007 matters). I led a successful football career playing both quarterback and long snapper where I broke school records for achieving the highest GPA of any football player in my school's history. Amongst these achievements and my continued community service, I founded ToRemainAnon, a startup that is reforming the fashion retail industry.

My attentiveness extends beyond the classroom. I noticed the ease of entry into the fashion industry, but the immense difficulty of success therein, so I decided to dig a little deeper. I had heard that the fashion industry was one of the hardest to make it in and it eluded me as to why. There are countless clothing brands, so it does not make sense as to why so few brands would control such a vast market. I believe the fashion industry should be one in which small businesses flourish, not one where they are forced to step aside at the will of the big brands.

As my interest in the fashion industry burgeoned, I began became aware of a trend: youth and young adults habitually purchase clothing exclusively from brands which are easily recognized by their peers. It became evident everyday in those around me and often even myself. It just doesn’t make sense that consumers would miss out on so many great clothes simply because they are unwilling to expand their horizons to include options with less brand recognition. I have made it my goal to give all brands an equal opportunity in the fashion industry, no matter how recognizable the brand name. That goal would ultimately lead to ToRemainAnon’s inception.

The idea is simple: ToRemainAnon eliminates brand bias by pixelating the brand’s name and logo on all product images. This eliminates the possibility of the brand becoming the deciding factor when purchasing clothing. This solution is a non-zero-sum game for the consumers and the brands. Consumers can now discover great products that they previously had not been able to find or did not consider. Brands of all sizes can now compete, while keeping the focus on the quality of the product, opposed to how recognizable their name and logo are. ToRemainAnon sells products from brands of all sizes and even encourages customers to refer brands they believe could benefit from being on ToRemainAnon. ToRemainAnon is creating an equal playing field for all brands within the fashion retail industry. ToRemainAnon is a fashion retail game changer.

Callahan Hinckley
Founder of ToRemainAnon